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Your New York NY chiropractors know that it is important to remember that being lucky or unlucky has nothing to do with health. However, you can DREAM your way to health! You see, health is a matter of choice, not chance, and wherever you are in the journey improvements are always possible! Health is for those that have Healthy Habits! And right now it's even more important than ever to maintain those healthy habits for a healthy body and immune system.

DIET in New York NY

What you put in your body affects the way it functions. Eating more organic whole foods and consuming a predominantly plant-based diet will provide your body with essential minerals, nutrients, and vitamins as nature intended, for optimal function. Did you know that minerals are the precursors to DNA expression? DNA expression makes proteins that perform necessary functions in the body. The right mineral expresses the right proteins and the wrong mineral produces the wrong proteins which are weaker and don't get the job done. Bad food creates mineral deficiencies which creates poor DNA expression leading to faulty proteins that don't get the job done right... and you know what that leads to-- dis-ease. You are what you eat, literally, so eat right!


It's a fast-paced world out there and most of us live the majority of our day in a "fight or flight" stress state (sympathetic nervous system). It's important to allow time for adequate rest so your body can recharge. Have a seat or lie down and incorporate just a few minutes of deep breathing each day. It can dramatically shift the way your body handles daily stress and pre-sets your system for a better night's sleep. Did you know that our body does 90% of all healing at night when we sleep? In order to maximize that nightly healing cycle, we must drop into Theta and Delta wavelength sleep (REM sleep). If we're too stressed out we don't get into those deep levels of healing sleep as much as we need and that comes out in the form of symptoms, so focusing on getting a good night's sleep can make a dramatic positive impact on our health.


Your body was designed to move and just a little regular exercise will leave you feeling great! Even walking regularly can be a good start for improvement. Exercise stimulates circulation, did you know that after 20 minutes of continuous exercise your body produces angiotensin, a hormone that acts like a roto-rooter clearing plaques and buildup from the inside of your arteries. Exercise also stimulates the lymphatic drainage cycles in your body which clears it of built-up toxins! ...and of course don't forget the awesome benefits of isometric stretching, a.k.a. yin-yoga, which heals and strengthens the ligamentous system.


Get adjusted! Being checked regularly will ensure your "master control system" (nervous system) is in balance and free from interference. When your body is in alignment it can adapt to internal and external stress and function at its full potential. Fun Facts: you have roughly 70 trillion cells that make up your body as a grown adult. At any given moment approximately 50% of those cells are undergoing apoptosis (meaning they are breaking down and being rebuilt). Also, at the same time every one of those 70 trillion cells (in any stage of its lifecycle) are undergoing an average of one hundred thousand chemical reactions per second, yes you heard right! Your central nervous system is in charge of organizing, coordinating, and regulating all of that, all the time. That's the reason adjustments are so beneficial and important.

Mental Attitude

Sometimes a mental adjustment is just as important as a physical one. Check your attitude! If you're stressed your body produces cortisol which depletes the immune system and breaks down proper physiological function over time. Having a cheerful or positive attitude can make a phenomenal difference in your day by activating specific hormone pathways in your body. The way you think impacts your state of physical and physiological health, including your immune system. Smile (it stimulates dopamine production and reduces cortisol) and makes it a great day!

Start improving your health today! Just a little DREAM-ing can take you there!

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