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What are the thermography principles in New York NY? The heat of the skin is a direct reflection of the amount of blood passing through that area. Since the nervous system controls the flow of blood through the vessels, the heat of the skin becomes a direct reflection of neurological control. The balance of heat distribution on each side of the spine is a relative indication of the symmetry of nervous system flow as it passes down along the spinal cord and distributes out to all areas of the body. If there is an imbalance in heat from one side of the spine to another, this indicates interference in nervous system function, likely due to Subluxation in the Upper Cervical portion of the spine.

The human body is designed to constantly adapt to internal and external forces in order to maintain homeostasis. It is normal for skin temperature to change within a limited range due to metabolic and environmental stresses, and if the nervous system is functioning properly the body will adapt to these changes efficiently. The principal area of the brain that is responsible for maintaining homeostasis and body temperature is the hypothalamus located under the thalamus at the top of the brainstem. Interference in the communication between the hypothalamus, the body and the higher brain centers can lead to an inability to regulate temperature in the skin, and this is identifiable via thermographic identification.

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