Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was referred by a good friend who got into an accident and I needed an examination asap after my horrible collision. PB chiropractic group took me in, took care of me, and explained the process so well I couldn't ask for more. Every session is extremely educational and my recovery is strengthening my body as it is going through the proper healing that Dr. Reuben has planned out. Thank you so much PB chiropractic! I recommend this is the place to go for anyone who is going through this process."

- Ebony

"This is my weekly stop after being the victim of so many car accidents! I work hard and ride horses! Dr. Ruben keeps me mobile, in alignment and best of all, keeps the migraines away! He's super easy to talk to about what is bothering me that day and ads it into the adjustment. The team there is great too and always brightened my day! Thx so much!"

- Clair

"Dr. Reuben and Tina are the best! I've been my way around the block when it comes to chiropractors. With 3 herniated discs and scoliosis, I've been to chiropractors for half my life. Dr. Reuben is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He knows exactly what to do and takes a wholistic approach when treating. I've recommended him to several of my friends and they all agree, he is the best!"

- Sarah

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